The Process

If you have never been to a hypnotherapist before or don't know anyone who has you may be wondering what exactly will happen. Hopefully, the following information will demystify this a bit for you, but please do feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Step 1.The Consultation







In this first session, we will be sat down talking, about what it is you have come to hypnotherapy for and what it is you would like to achieve. Together we will fill out a form that will give me information about you to help me prepare a tailored personalised plan for you for the following sessions. You will also be asked to sign a client-therapist contract which means that anything you say in our sessions is completely confidential.

(The only circumstances where this confidentiality may be broken is where there is a clear safeguarding issue, and not disclosing the information to the appropriate body could result in harm to you or the wider public. please see my privacy statement for more information on what information I hold and why, and what ethical codes I am bound by as a therapist.)

The session will conclude with arranging a date for your next session which will be when the hypnotherapy begins.

Step 2. The Hypnotherapy








The next session will begin with you either sitting in a comfortable armchair or laying down in the treatment chair, this will be dependant on what is the most comfortable for you. Once you are settled and comfortable I will begin the hypnotherapy, which is my voice guiding you to a place of relaxation, so that your mind and body become as relaxed as possible. some people find this similar to a guided meditation.

Once a suitable level of relaxation is achieved I will begin the suggestion work that will be tailored to the change that you want to see. In this relaxed state, your subconscious mind is more available and open to accepting the suggestions. And if these new suggestions are truly useful to you then your subconscious will take these on. Please be assured that your subconscious will not allow you to take on anything that is not helpful to you. Over the course of the next few weeks, we will repeat this process. Each session will work on the issue you are facing from slightly different angles, and you may be given things to work on in between sessions, such as useful tools to implement in your everyday life. I may also make you a recording to listen to either in between sessions or as something to cement the work we have done once our sessions together have finished.

If you have any other questions please do contact me here

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