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Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Anxiety is something that can affect us all at different times in our lives, for some it can come early in life and be something they have lived with for a long time.

For others, it may strike later in life, perhaps after a big life-changing event like becoming a parent for the first time.

Sometimes a particular event can trigger the symptoms of anxiety and sometimes people simply have these symptoms building in them continuously. This would be the difference between anxiety brought on by particular situations or people, and generalised anxiety that attaches itself to almost every situation.

The truth is anxiety is never really a fear of actual danger as one might expect, for anxiety in a truly dangerous situation would most likely be an appropriate response, rather than a problematic one. Rather anxiety is a fear of the idea of imagined danger, in situations that are most likely to be reasonably safe.

Hypnotherapy can be a great tool in reducing the effect that generalised anxiety can have on your life, and can be very effective in controlling the effects of situational anxiety. People can achieve a more appropriate and useful response to these previously anxiety-inducing situations through creating new pathways to replace these old and unhelpful ones.

Hypnotherapy can help you to create new positive and useful pathways that your mind can take during these previously anxiety-inducing situations. Hypnotherapy can teach you how to take yourself to this positive place, with ease. It will soon become clear to your subconscious mind that this is by far the best path to take, allowing it to easily make this new choice.

Your old anxiety-inducing pathway may well have been created at a time where it was relevant and perhaps even useful to you at that moment. But for whatever reason, it has become a common track for your mind to go down, when in fact in many situations it is not a useful path for your mind to take. In fact, this old well-trodden path is only causing you discomfort and stress.

By firstly acknowledging this and then secondly deciding on what would be a useful path for you to take in these situations, you and the hypnotherapist can then work on making this happen for you. So your mind becomes used to this new thought process, this new pathway, and so familiar with it, that it will be easy for your thoughts to head in that new positive useful direction. In turn, you can let go of that old unhelpful thought process, in the knowledge that you have something better now, that will actually help in these previously anxiety-inducing situations.

There are many ways that people experience anxiety and many different reasons it may occur. Hypnotherapy is particularly good at adapting to a person's particular thoughts patterns and processes, to really unpick and then with you re-make an appropriate response. The response that you want. Many of the physiological effects of anxiety will disappear when you have a handle on your thought patterns. These physiological effects can often cause an even more heightened sense of anxiety as we become self-conscious that others can tell, breathing can be affected as the heart rate quickens, and learning some simple self-hypnosis techniques can immediately help to control these.

If you are suffering from the effects of anxiety at work, in your daily life, perhaps in social situations, whatever it is then please do get in touch to see what we can do to help.

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