• Poppy St Jonn-Mosse

Can Hypnotherpay help with self-esteem?

The short answer here is yes, It is possible for Hypnotherapy to replace that critical inner voice with a more positive and nuanced voice, one that Is able to see the whole picture, and give you a more accurate and balanced message.

Our sense of self-esteem is developed when we are young and poor self-esteem is often a result of a particular type of parenting. If we had very black and white critical parenting then our inner voice can also develop in a very self-critical black and white way.

So the aim of Hypnotherapy is to explore why those negative thoughts might be there in the first place, where they came from, whose voice are they? And then work with you to come up with some more helpful thoughts that over the course of several weeks can become familiar to your subconscious creating a new pathway for your mind, and gradually letting those old negative pathways fade away.

Now you may be thinking I've tried positive thinking and its hopeless, or it's fine for a day or two, but I can't keep it up. This is exactly why hypnotherapy can be so helpful. By talking about and really identifying the key issues for you and where they might have come from you gain a better understanding an awareness of these thoughts and how they come about. Greater awareness gives you greater control over your own mind. And then by going into the hypnotic trance state you are able to focus clearly on the changes you want to make and spend some precious time, guided by the hypnotherapist, with your desired outcome in mind, resetting your subconscious pathways to the positive, more helpful and accurate ones that will help you move forward in your life.

Low self-esteem could be something that you have lived with all your life, or it could be something that only became an issue for you as an adult. It could be that you are overly critical of yourself, or that you assume people won't want to hear what you have to say. It could be that you are fearful of trying new things as you assume you will fail, or worse still, succeed at one level and then, failer after this is even more frightening. Or perhaps you dismiss any success you have by simply telling yourself that anyone could do that so never giving yourself the credit for the fact that you actually did do it!

I recently read a case about a woman who developed a confidence issue related to nighttime driving as an adult. This was after having been very capable and happy to drive at night for her entire adult life thus far. I thought it would be interesting to share this as it illustrates how sometimes we can go through our lives with the ability to ignore or bury a negative message we received in the past. But then in times of stress or vulnerability, it can resurface, causing us to experience a loss of confidence in ourselves, with things we previously felt very able to do.

' ...the case of Sandra. a 29-year-old mother who worked as an English the local adult program. Her job necessitated driving at night...At a time when Sandra was experiencing a great deal of stress in her life, she began to be afraid of driving alone at night-even though she had done it for years. She had driven at night when she was a college student, as a night clerk....and had already done so for three months on her present job. When she explained her fear of night driving to her friend, she heard herself say " I feel wrong somehow. I feel as if I'm doing something bad."'

(Hadley. J and Staudacher. C, (1999) Hypnosis for Change, A practical manual of proven hypnotic techniques: 2nd ed. published by New Harbinger Publications)

For Sandra this then allowed her to make the link to the negative message she received from her parents as a young driver. "You'd better quit driving around in the dark alone, young lady. You're going to end up in a ditch somewhere with your throat slit. You're just asking for trouble" Which as you can see is a very negative and unempowering message to be received on a regular basis.

In this case, Sandra had actually managed to bury this negative programming but as her life started to become more stressful this old voice came back into her head, and she didn't have the emotional capacity or resources to squash it back down this time.

So whether this is a new problem for you or something you have been battling with for years Hypnotherapy is definitely a way to help you get things on track and get that inner voice giving you the message you need. For more information please feel free to contact me via telephone email or by leaving a message through the website, all contact details can be found here.

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