My Approach


I am here to support you to achieve what you want from life. How do you want to live your life going forward?


If you're reading this it's likely something hasn't been working for you, or something is stopping you from living the way you want to live. 

For me, one of the most important things is to understand what this means for you. I always start with a full consultation to get the full picture of what my clients are wanting to achieve through hypnotherapy. This allows me to create personalised hypnotherapy sessions that take into account who you are and the change you would like to see.


Getting to know you is a very important part of the process and this will happen over several sessions. However, that first session will give me clarity on what you are facing, your current circumstances and what you hope to get from the sessions. It will also give you the opportunity to explore your thoughts and feelings around this topic if that is something you feel is useful to share.  I create a safe, relaxing and non-judgemental environment, you can feel safe and confident that you will be treated with respect and dignity in my sessions.

Trying something new can be nerve-racking, I aim to make your experience as comfortable and relaxing as possible. My intention is to make the therapy room a little haven of peace for you, where you can let go of the days' stress and be guided by my voice, into a relaxed state. 

I will use suggestions and visualisation to help you to reprogramme your subconscious reactions to reactions that are more helpful and useful to you in your life now.   

For more information on the actual process please click here or feel free to contact me at PSJM Hypnotherapy Newbury using the details on my contact page.



30 Minute Telephone consultation - Free

Session 1 - Initial Consultation - £35

Any further sessions - £50

A 15% discount is offered for block booking 6 sessions 

(this fee includes a bespoke hypnotherapy recording tailored to you, that can be used in-between sessions and once our sessions together have finished, as appropriate)


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To Recieve your free 30-minute telephone consultation contact me now. either by email or telephone, please leave a message and I will get back to you within 24hrs.