Cancellation Policy, Terms and Conditions


All payments must be made in advance by Bank Transfer 2 days (48hrs) before the upcoming session unless otherwise agreed between client and therapist.


Missed or cancelled appointments

A non-refundable deposit of £35 is required prior to the first session “The Initial Consultation”.  Any cancellations after this first session must be made 48hrs in advance of the upcoming appointment otherwise the full cost of the session will be chargeable.  

Terminating therapy

The Client and Therapist will agree on a certain number of sessions for the client’s presenting issue, however, this does not bind either party to continue treatment. If one or the other can no longer continue at any point during the treatment then sessions can cease, even if the full course has not been run. Sufficient notice must be given by the client to avoid any charges  (48hrs as stated above) and refunds for any already paid for sessions that are not going to take place beyond this will be given by the therapist as long a sufficient notice has been given.

Complaints or concerns

I will do my absolute best to uphold the Ethical standards of the Hypnotherapy Society, and act in a professional manner with the clients best interests at heart. However, if you do have any complaints or concerns then you can speak to someone by visiting the National Hypnotherapy Society website