About Me

I am a certified hypnotherapist based in the heart of Newbury treating things as wide-ranging as anxiety, phobias and fear of flying.


Accredited by The National Hypnotherapy Society I adhere to their strict codes of conduct and ethical standards.

I have extensive experience in supporting young adults and children with behavioural and emotional difficulties from all walks of life. This experience along with my counselling skills has given me a strong skill set, in listening to and understanding peoples personal situations. 

I also have personal experience of overcoming a traumatic event in my own life that took time and strength to work through. This has given me an insight into the struggles people go through and the things people may be carrying around with them in their daily lives.

I see Hypnotherapy as a form of guided focusing, where the client is able to explore for themselves with the help of a therapist, where their fears, habits or unwanted thoughts truly lie. Through this process, we are then able to work on creating new healthier more appropriate and more useful messages and pathways for your mind. Helping you to build a new framework for your daily thought processes, and in turn helping you live life the way you want. 

I truly look forward to helping you with whatever it is you are coping with, as I know how powerful and empowering it is to find your true self.

Poppy St John-Mosse

- Certified Hypnotherapist (Cert hyp CS)

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