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 PSJM Hypnotherapy is based in the heart of Newbury and offers you a safe and effective way to make the changes you want to see in your life,

Specialising in Hypnotherapy for Stress and Anxiety, Weight Loss and Phobias. 

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Weight Loss Essentials
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Are things getting on top of you?


Are you coping with something very stressful in your life?


Perhaps you have social anxieties

or find work very anxiety-inducing?

Would you like a way of relieving these feelings of stress or anxiety?.

Do you have eating habits you could do without?  

Are you carrying more weight than you want to? 

Would you like to easily make the right choices for your body? 

Would you like to have the tools to get to your ideal weight?

Have you got a phobia of spiders that you just don't need anymore?

Have you got a phobia of needles that is getting in the way of your health care?

Do you have a food phobia that you'd just rather wasn't there anymore?

Do you have a fear of heights or flying that is stopping you from enjoying your life?